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Home Portraits

Each home portrait is a beautiful depiction of a home that exhibits its distinctive charm and character.  A home portrait makes a meaningful gift for family, friends or business associates.  Realtors may want to commission a home portrait as a unique closing gift for their clients.

I can do a home portrait from one or more photos of the property, including your favorite view, although I will take photos myself if the home or property is in the San Luis Obispo area.  I love to do paintings of homes and buildings and I believe it shows in my work.

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Main Street House

Meinecke  Street House


Pasadena Bungalow

Richard's House

Sharpe Street House

Highway 121 South House

Wells Boulevard House

Barlett House I


Barlett House II


Barlett House III

Draze Home


                                      Ryan Home - Cayucos                                                   

      Ryan Home Atascadero

Broad Street Home

Chorro Street House


                                           Bren Condos

Kosanke House

Tony and Norma Home